Food Pantry: No one should go hungry. Our Food Pantry is stocked by voluntary donations with non-perishable foods, toothpaste and soap, and some frozen meats. Additional foods are donated by two local grocery stores (food rescue) often supplying breads and pastries, deli items, sandwiches, dairy items, meats, and sometimes produce. As an agency of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, the church is able to purchase food at reduced cost from its warehouse in Norfolk. The VBCC Food Pantry donates to Virginia Beach residents in need. Volunteers are needed to staff the Food Pantry four days a week, to assist in the food rescue runs twice a week, and to help pick up food at the Foodbank in Norfolk.

Meals on Wheels: One week each month, volunteer drivers from our church deliver hot meals to shut-ins. Substitute drivers are needed.

Financial help: The Outreach department has a monthly budgeted amount (approximately 5% of income) for helping people in the local area with rent, utilities, and various other financial needs to prevent utility turn off or homelessness. Each request is screened and help given if funds are available (once a year per family).

Holiday Foods: During the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons, several families are chosen by our church to receive a ham, turkey or other large meat item with accompanying sides. The congregation donates the foods or the funds to purchase the meats. It is handed out in relation to the Food Pantry.

Seasonal Outreach Projects: Outreach helps needy children with school supplies in the summer, and with gifts for the Angel tree, mitten tree, and Christmas stockings during the holiday season.

Habitat for Humanity: This organization helps deserving families get a home of their own using volunteer labor and funds raised at the Habitat Café. Habitat for Humanity on the Eastern Shore has been a part of our church family for many years. Volunteers to help build or to provide financial support through a silent auction, café or other donations.

Interfaith Alliance at the Beach: This organization brings together the local faith-based community, non-governmental agencies, and the City of Virginia Beach to explore ways to help the less fortunate in our community. The meeting is on the third Thursday of the month (except in summer) and everyone is encouraged to attend. Ideas for projects and helping others are discussed at this meeting. It is very enlightening as well as humbling. Projects appropriate to our church are posted on the Outreach bulletin board or church newsletter.

Week of Compassion: The Disciples of Christ has a national and international relief organization which helps with big and small needs anywhere called Week of Compassion. Support of the organization is made by funds collected in the church in the spring, but contributions may be made anytime, even online. Check out the wonderful work of this organization at When a disaster strikes anywhere, consider donating to Week of Compassion so help will always be there.

National Outreach Contributions: A portion of the outreach budget is sent to the national organization of the Disciples of Christ Church as a part of our church’s tithe.

Special Collections: Four or five times a year, special collections are requested and sent to the appropriate department in the national organization of our church.

Other Outreach Items:

1.Donated clothes, shoes, furniture, household items are collected and forwarded to an agency which helps the needy directly such as a church which has a clothes closet or collecting move-in kits for homeless.


2. Hotel sized soaps and shampoos, etc, are donated the Lighthouse to help the homeless.


3. During the school year, Farm Fresh receipts, and year-round, Boxtops for education and Campbell soup labels are collected and donated to a needy school in Virginia Beach. Collection boxes are in the office for all these items.


4. Newspaper grocery store coupon handouts are collected to save money for the food pantry.